The Digital Silk Road

OBOR - SinoBridge Is A Technology Platform,
Facilitating The 3 Ps; Movement Of Products, Projects And People From And Into China

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What is OBOR - SinoBridge?

The Digital Silk Road

The First End To End Platform Connecting Western Companies and Institutions Wishing To Do Business With China

State Of The Art Technology

Encompassing Logistics, Route, Last Mile & Optimisation Modules, FinTech Credit Insurance & Trade Finance Algorithms

Chinese Network

Supported By The One Belt Road Initiative - Read More

Our Services

We Specialise In Inbound and Outbound Trade From China and Project Management & Finance From China.
All Within The One Belt One Road Framework

Trading With China

Automation Of Logistics, Route & Volumetric Optimisation

Finance From China

Connected To Multiple Funding Parties Who Clear The OBOR - SinoBridge Trades

Project Management

One Belt One Road Dedicated Platform; Projects Are Evaluated From Chinese OBOR Funders

The OS Platform

OS Projects

OS Projects is a multimodal, proprietary, Project Sourcing, Project Analysis and Project Management Platform embedding extensive Communication Tools & Protocols

OS Products

OS Products is a China Manufacturing 2025 (“中国制造2025") compliant Platform, vertically integrating in a 1- stop- shop manner, the cross border B2B business of PRC with the rest of the world, enhanced by a proprietary machine learning based analytics layer built by OS’s Advanced Analytics & Optimisation Team

OS People

Under Development

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